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The distinctive innovativeness of NANNIC is to approach the cause of the skin problem rather than the symptoms.

To accomplish this NANNIC developed the ‘Serum-in-Cream technology’, products with a high concentration of multi-active substances, which are delivered to the hydro-lipid membrane of the skin. The different active ingredients work synergistically which reinforces the result!

Serums and creams, what is the difference? And what exactly is a serum-in-cream?

A serum-in-cream is a cream that protects and hydrates the skin and, thanks to a cell-identical formula, delivers a concentrated dose of active ingredients deep into the dermis and epidermis.

The various active components work synergistically, which enhances the result. It is a well-known fact that most generally available skin-care products, in the form of serums and creams, only address the symptoms of skin.

What does NANNIC do?

The innovative distinction of NANNIC is that we work on the underlying causes of skin problems with a range of solutions! To enable this, our approach incorporates a product base which is capable of delivering a concentrated bundle of active ingredients in concentrated form to the cell membranes. In addition, we know that the skin needs protection from a range of ‘aggressors’ (chemical, climate, biological …). Skin also requires a good moisture balance.

At NANNIC, we make it a priority to treat skin with the respect it deserves. Our approach is to enhance the skin’s natural function as a barrier, helping it to regulate moisture and protect itself. To this end, we have developed our ‘serum-in-cream’ formulas with a skin-identical hydro-lipid recipe.

NANNIC ‘serum-in-cream’ technology includes a full range of products for day and night.
NANNIC Active Serums

Many types of skin suffer from specific problems such as hyperpigmentation, rosacea, extreme dehydration...

This is why NANNIC Laboratories has developed specific serums which can be applied before the ‘serum-in-cream’ products.


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