Nannic is a trend setter in modern skin care and both research, development and manufacturing take place at the head office in Belgium. Leading researchers and dermatologists from all over the world collaborate in their own laboratory. Nannic Sweden was founded in 1991 and is today one of the market leaders in professional skin care treatments. We always strive to offer the highest possible service and a personal treatment.

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  • Award Winning

    Just won 2 nominations in Sweden for the Skincare Professional Awards and another prestigious award in Estonia for 'Best Rejuvenating Serum 2020' with our NANNIC Coup d'Excellence.

    Evidence that NANNIC's products do what they promise. They have won several awards both nationally and internationally.

  • Dual Forces

    With this award-winning duo, your skin will be in top condition in 28 days!

    This duo contains everything your skin needs to quickly regain balance with fewer wrinkles, tighter contours and a more beautiful complexion. Because healthy skin is beautiful skin.

  • Coup d'Excellence DNA Elixir

    A powerful, highly concentrated skin booster that rejuvenates, lifts and mattifies the skin.

    Nannic Excellence, which was awarded the Oscar for best luxury skincare line, is expanding! Discover the power of this brand new Coup d’Excellence DNA Elixir!

  • NuMask Instant Peel-Off Masks

    NuMASK brand is a new generation of alginate Peel-Off Masks with a new PRE-DOSED Packaging.

    It works without the need to add water, for an easy use while increasing the quality and the performance.

    In contact with ACTIVATOR, the paste becomes very smooth and sets after few minutes. The mask is removed as a second skin.

    NuMask selected the best grade of alginate (guluronic), which makes extraordinarily strong bounds and facilitates the mask removing in one piece.

    Directions for use: Pour the activator in the jar and stir vigorously for 30 seconds. Apply it on the skin and leave it performing its action for 15-20 minutes. Then remove it as a second skin.

    Box comes with 3 of each type of Instant Peel-Off Mask. ( 3 x Gold, 3 x Emerald, 3 x Coconut, 3 Cocoa)

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NANNIC NBE Deep Skin combines next generation mechanical dermabrasion with a revolutionary infusion concept for facial treatments.