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Skin Force Hepta

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Then quickly bring your skin back into balance with 'NANNIC SKIN FORCE HEPTA'.

A deep cleansing followed by optimal hydration and intense nutrition.

What does this mean for your skin?

  • Improves moisture retention
  • Gives a beautiful, fresh complexion
  • Fades wrinkles
  • Soothes the skin and reduces redness
  • Protects the skin against UV and pollution
  • Stimulates cell division and the production of collagen
  • Improves the elasticity of your skin

Works therefore also excellent on maskné (acne caused by wearing mouth masks)

Nannic PVC Cosmetic bag filled with:

  • 1 x Nannic Skin Force Trio box
  • 1 x Pure Active Cleansing 50ml
  • 1 x Make-up Remover Gel 50ml

Usage: apply when showering. Shake well before use. For an extra strong effect, you can apply it before showering, to those areas that you wish to deodorize. Allow to absorb for 2 minutes, then rinse off.

  • Cleanse the skin with Nannic Pure Active Cleansing (If you are wearing make-up: First remove it using Nannic Make-up Remover Gel and continue with Pure Active Cleansing).
  • Distribute the contents of the sachet of Nannic White Willow Bark Peeling Mask over the face and neck. Avoid the eye contour area. Leave on for 15 to 20 min.
  • Remove mask thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat skin dry.
  • Distribute 1 pipette of Nannic Probiotic Activator over the face and neck and leave for a few moments (be careful, this extract is very liquid).
  • Apply Nannic Epithelium+ as finishing cream.

Nannic Skin Force Hepta contains product for 5 treatments (because you get better results in a cure of 5 treatments with an interval of 3 days). Your skin will recover quickly and visibly.

TIP: Do you suffer from large pores?

Then apply Nannic White Willow Bark Peeling Mask in the evening and leave on overnight. The next morning, remove with lukewarm water and follow up with Nannic Probiotic Activator and Epithlium+.