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Nannic Canada

Excellence Luxury Box

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Everything your skin needs, in 3 bottles. NANNIC Excellence has won a Beauty Oscar for 'Best Luxury Skin Care Line' in Sweden!

NANNIC is proud to announce that Excellence has been awarded with the Beauty Oscar for Most Luxury Line of 2018, in Sweden. This Beauty Award goes to ‘a product that lives up to its promise, a product that stands out, a product that makes a difference and adds that touch of glamour.’ We are so honored to have won this Beauty Oscar, and it’s an even greater honor to have won from such great competitors.

Only the best is good enough for your skin. Give your skin a Beauty Oscar-winning product. Give your skin Excellence by NANNIC.

Have you ever wondered what cells we are made of? The following 3 essential needs of our skin originate from the roots of the cellular life.

Excellence ATP-serum, life energy.
Actively delivers energy to the skin to make it stronger, more elastic and more resilient. Excellence ATP increases the energy production in the cells, so that they can function optimally and preserves this energy production at the same time for oxidative degeneration.

Excellence GSH serum, unique intracellular defense.
A specific self-defence method. Excellence GSH provides glutathione as a supplement for instant protection of the cells, while peptide-methionine supports self-production of glutathione. Stimulates collagen and increases elasticity in the skin, which results in great contours. Excellence GSH improves the complexion after damage by acne, injuries and sunburn, for example.

Excellence EXT-serum, ultra-hydrating supplement.
Without water, no biological process can take place in the cell. It is a basic requirement. The specific proteins and lipids in the cream give the moisture content in the skin a boost. The enzymatic and other biological functions are optimised, which benefits all layers of the skin and their specific functions. Hyaluronic acid capsules fill the wrinkles from the inside out whilst exopolysaccharides immediately increase the moisture level. The hydration of the skin increases to 200%!

Everything your skin needs, in 3 bottles!